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theres a first time for everything …

theres a first time for everything ...

this is a first, me, blogging. i must warn you readers, i have no time or want to capitalize letters that should be or punctuate well, this may not be the place for a grammar nazi.
sharing my life with my friends on facebook is fun, i am very active on the chatboards that apply to me on babycenter and that is what lead me here. my want to help people cook well, make healthy choices for family nutrition and do all that on the least amount of money spent got some interest on my birthboard. so as im sending out a mass email to all the women who wanted my advice and ideas the thought occurred, maybe i should blog. instead of taking pics of menus and sending them out to x amount of friends and strangers, why not just make one place for me to share.
this blog is for me to share with you, my shopping tactics, my meal antics and i would love to throw in a little bit of mommy life mixed in. with all that being said here we are… my first entry, its short but its here, ill be busy getting pictures and menus up here tonight for an entry tomorrow… wheeeeeee!!!


One comment on “theres a first time for everything …

  1. Kristina Campbell
    June 6, 2013

    Very cool! You are one dynamic dame :). Sharing the spunk is so awesome of you!

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